About I Am Radio

I AM Radio is a non-profit commercial-free radio station located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We believe that music is a social medium that reaches out to believers and non-believers alike and that is also why we chose the rock and adult contemporary formats. We want to give people an alternative to the other rock and contemporary media out there which promotes hopelessness, despair, anger, and lust. Instead we want to provide a message of hope and encouragement. There are many talented and committed Christian artists creating Christian Music and we hope to promote them and their message.

I AM Radio was originally "THE WORD" Radio from 2000 to 2007 when we renamed it "University Community Radio" (UCR) as part of the University Community Church web site. We renamed the station "I AM Radio" in early 2010. In October of 2012 we split our format into 2 separate streams known as "I AM Christian Rock" and "I AM Christian Contemporary"

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